Full Semester
The Master Negotiator Course

The Master Negotiator Course

Lawyers negotiate every day: in deals, in disputes, in court, in a settlement. This is a full semester course filled with all the negotiation tools, skills and tips needed for the lawyers of tomorrow to succeed in their career.
Start: July 1, 2019
Modules: 7
Lessons: 145
Quizzes: 19

Negotiation Fundamentals

Life is a negotiation. This course will show you how you can use Interest-Based Negotiation skills - based on the Harvard Negotiation Principles - to win (-win) any Negotiation. 
Modules: 8
Lessons: 34
Quizzes: 6
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Introduction to Legal Negotiation

Lawyers are Negotiators. Take advantage of this free introduction to learn how negotiation skills will play a critical role in your legal career and what you can do to improve them.
Lessons: 10