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To create a world where productive
negotiations are second nature to everyone.
An Austrian negotiation firm
with global, innovative training solutions.
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Claudia Winkler
“The lawyers of tomorrow are deal makers, dispute resolvers and business consultants. They will succeed by leveraging their negotiation and communication skills to become interest-based advocates and trusted advisors.”
Claudia Winkler
Dr. Claudia Winkler, Founder and Lead Trainer
Why we do what we do
Why we do what we do

More than 80% of professionals say that they hate to negotiate. Even for those who negotiate all the time, like lawyers, managers or procurement professionals, the unpredictability of turns creates a lot of discomfort. A structured framework of how to prepare, think, react and lead in negotiations, helps professionals maximize their results.

With our trainings, we help participants get comfortable and prepared, to confidently achieve the best possible deal for themselves or their clients, every time. Just like second nature.

“Negotiation training changes your communication abilities in such powerful ways, that you no longer have to think about them. They become part of your character, self-confidence and charisma.”
Svitlana Kalitsun, Negotiation Trainer
Svitlana Kalitsun
Who we are
Who we are

The Negotiation Academy is an Austrian Training and Consulting Firm providing global services in Negotiation and Communication. With our innovative blended learning solutions we help law firms, MNCs, banks and universities around the world increase their negotiation capacity for smarter outcomes.

Our tailored training, coaching and consulting solutions have helped more than 4,500 professionals polish their skills, optimize deals and maximize client satisfaction through their daily work.

What we can do for you
What we can do for you

We bring Negotiation expertise to wherever you are!

Be it an in-house workshop at a global firm, a lecture at a conference or distance online training, we are flexible in supporting negotiators from around the world.

We have personally worked with students and professionals in Asia, Africa, Australia, Latin America, the US, UK and Europe and keep serving some of the largest firms, top universities and leading conferences globally.

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