Welcome to Introduction to Negotiation!

This short course of 23 lessons will give you a solid overview of what is required to be an effective negotiator, how to focus on what is key in a negotiation, how to communicate effectively and how to get ready for any challenge coming your way.


By the end of this course you will know:

  • How to achieve better results by focusing on interests rather than positions
  • Why it is imperative to be a skilled negotiator if you want to be successful as a lawyer
  • In what ways and situations you can apply negotiation skills to further your goals
  • How to work with difficult people
  • How to lead a negotiation by using smooth communication skills and smart questions
  • What elements to prepare for an upcoming conversation
  • How to use psychology to get best results in your negotiations
Introduction to Negotiation
Start: anytime
Duration: 2 hours
Id: 1587

Module 1: The Power of Negotiation for Lawyers

1.1: Welcome to your Future!
1.2: The Lawyer Negotiator
4 min
1.3: Expert Insights - Why Negotiation Skills matter in Legal Practice
2 min
1.4: The Big Shift
6 min
1.5: Expert Insight - Mike Mcllwrath, GE
1 min

Module 2: The Secret of Interest Based Negotiation

2.1: Shifting Gears
3 min
2.2: The Interest Based Negotiation Style
5 min
2.3: Separating Positions from Interests
10 min
2.4: Expert Insight - Gary Born
1 min
2.5: Soft on the People - Hard on the Problem
6 min
2.6: Expert Insight - Joel Lee
3 min

Module 3: Key Skills for Effective Negotiators

3.1: Becoming a smooth Communicator
3.2: Asking Great Questions
19 min
3.3: Expert Insight - Shashi Dholandas
1 min
3.4: Getting Ready
3.5: Preparing your Interests
8 min
3.6: Preparing your Goals
15 min
3.7: Expert Insight - Rashda Rana
3.8: Expert Insight - Nadja Alexander
3 min
3.9: Using Psychology in your Negotiations
3.10: Satisfaction Management
7 min
3.11: The Framing Effect
10 min

Module 4: How to stand out with Negotiation Skills

4.1: We are all useless coming out of law school