Negotiation Skill Boost for Business Professionals

"In life you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate."
"In life you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate."

The same applies to businesses and careers.

Be it in management, sales, or procurement, business professionals negotiate on a daily basis. Yet, only few have been trained in the scientifically proven skills and tools that ensure that they will always get the most out of them. In fact, a 2012 study found that businesses in the UK are losing £66m per day because of poor negotiation skills.

Around the world, professionals and businesses are missing opportunities, foregoing value, compromising on trust, and losing out on potential business opportunities and long-term clients because of this skill gap.

Our extensive practical training format focuses on how to prepare, think, react, and lead in negotiations. With over 4,500 people trained, it has proven to go a long way in helping professionals maximize value in their deals, win more clients, and expand their businesses and long-term opportunities.

"Great negotiators are made, not born."
"Great negotiators are made, not born."

The skills and frameworks we bring to you will not only make you more effective in how you deal with challenging people and negotiation situations but will help you think and act in a way that gets you the best possible deal whenever you sit at a negotiation table.

They will help you become comfortable and confident, competitive, and collaborative, firm and flexible—each at the right time, and especially for when it matters the most.

Training formats

practical - interactive - engaging


Our tailored workshops for negotiation techniques and skills; delivered in an interactive and engaging small setting for your company; created to increase your bottom line in daily negotiations.


Top negotiation tips in a memorable, interactive, and fresh way—always in an engaging theme to suit your audience.


Negotiation skills presented in an informative, interactive, and entertaining way; great for team building, impactful on your bottom line, and certainly out of the ordinary.


Move your skills to the next level with small-group coaching and skills that will help you negotiate, think, and act in a way that gets you and your clients the best results in every interaction.


Negotiation Skill Boost for Business Professionals
Negotiation Skill Boost for Business Professionals
Client voices

We hired Claudia to train our senior consultants in all things negotiation related. I find it rather difficult to find trainers who are at par with our senior consultants and able to train up to partner level. She is and was able to gain our trust and respect very quickly and easily. On top, she has been very pleasant and fun to work with. I can only recommend her to anyone.

Sabine Spindler, Head of HR FGS Global

As lawyers, we tend to think we know a lot about negotiations but after two days of challenging workshops, well-fed with updated research and fuelled with excellent discussions, I am now able to choose from a whole new set of different techniques and strategies. Thank you to Claudia for the superb workshop, which is highly recommended to everybody in the legal field.

Christina Taeuber - Legal Counsel, STRABAG

Claudia is a very talented individual and trainer. I’ve worked with her in a number of contexts and I’ve always been impressed.

Prof. Joel Lee - National University of Singapore

Claudia is a pioneer in the field of negotiation. Her programs, speaker engagements and her passion for a new generation of lawyers will be leading into a new era of dispute resolution. It is up to you to follow this path, which is almost certain to be a path to great success.

Johannes Willheim - Partner, Global Disputes, Jones Day

I love working with Claudia. She is the negotiator’s negotiator. She is highly competent, fantastically talented and has great communication skills. I highly recommend working with her.

Prof. Nadja Alexander, Academic Director SIDRA at Singapore Management University

Business and legal negotiations are increasingly based more on science than art. One can count on one hand the number of people with the knowledge and experience to provide effective, practical training. Claudia Winkler is unquestionably one of them. When she has conducted training for our company, the feedback has been uniformly phenomenal, with some of the participants noting that it was the best training they had ever taken in any subject, ever.

Michael McIlwrath - Global Chief Litigation Counsel, Baker Hughes GE

Claudia has made our firm’s offsite event engaging and interactive, bringing fresh perspectives in a very professional way. Our lawyers were highly involved and interested.

Stephan Wilske - Partner, Gleiss Lutz

Claudia’s negotiation training was an exhilarating and enriching experience. The case studies were very well drafted and unique. They made me think through and dive deep in to the subject. It showed how knowing the core framework for interest based negotiation along with the little negotiation secrets can make a long lasting difference in your everyday success.

Swati Joshi - Asst.-Manager, Legal, Fidelity Investments

Good negotiation skills not only allow you to enhance your capabilities as a lawyer but also ensure high standards of work product and delivery that your clients expect from you. Claudia’s knowledge and expertise in this field make her workshops insightful, interactive and useful.

Aimi Hodiwala-Rale - Head of KM, Trilegal

Creative, smart, passionate. Claudia made us reconnect with our negotiation skills and strategies, showing us how to make the most of them and how to have a great time in the process.

Izabela Zielinska - Partner, Wardynski & Partners, Poland

I can’t overemphasize the relevance of Dr. Winkler’s training for 21st century law practice. Negotiation and client communication skills are no longer a luxury but an absolute must. Her practical and client-centered approach strikes exactly where every lawyer must learn to bridge their legal expertise with their client focus to achieve excellent results.

Mohit Saraf - Founding Partner, Luthra & Luthra

Claudia’s expertise and approach to negotiation skills and client focus capture the very essence of what makes or breaks any lawyer’s or firm’s success. An engaging and powerful workshop for practitioners and students that is a must for the professional in the legal field.

Sawant Singh - Partner, Phoenix Legal

Drafting and research skills make a good lawyer, but the art of negotiations coupled with them is what make a great lawyer! The master class with Claudia and The Negotiation Academy gave me a detailed insight on this art of negotiation and the specific skillsets which I need to sharpen to become a good negotiator. The insightful interactive discussions interspersed with practical exercises, made a brilliant workshop!

Divaspati Singh - Partner, Khaitan & Co