Can I get accreditation for the course?

The Master Negotiator Course is currently accredited for 18 hours of continued education with the Federal Mediation Commission in Belgium. For other certifying bodies, participants are encouraged to submit their course material and certificate to seek recognition of points on an individual basis.

I cannot log in with my Email

Cannot login with your email or cannot recover the password for your email?

Check if you have initially logged in via Facebook. If so, you can only log in via Facebook, not via any of your email (FB or other).

Also see if you might have registered your account with a different email.

How will I know how well I have done in the exercises/how will I get feedback on my performance? 

Each negotiation exercise has a detailed debrief video that walks you through the possible outcomes of the case, the skills and tools you could have used and what were the key skills required to be successful in the exercise. Additionally, for some exercises we will invite you to gather additional feedback by using tools such as video recording your negotiation, filling in feedback forms for each other, or discussing your outcome with your peers in dedicated forums.

Do I get points for the negotiation exercises? 

You will not receive extra points for the negotiation exercises or voluntary reflection papers. We encourage you to do them for your learning benefit.

Can I redo the negotiation exercises?

In principle you can do every exercise as often as you like. However, this will make little sense for negotiation cases, where you get confidential instructions for each side. After you have negotiated the case once, you will already know what the others side’s instructions are and there is little learning doing it another time. However, if you want to do it another time, stay in your own role and make sure not to watch the debrief video before doing so.

Can I do the negotiation exercises later? 

Yes, you are free to do the exercises whenever suits you. We however recommend that you do them immediately following the module for best learning. Keep in mind that finding a negotiation partner from the full semester online course will be more difficult if you do the exercises later/as per your own schedule (outside our suggested schedule) because many people will have done the exercise already.

Are the negotiation exercises mandatory to complete the course?

The negotiation exercises are not mandatory and we cannot track if you have done them, which is why we will not be grading you on them. They are however an imperative part of your learning so we highly recommend that you do them to make the most out of the course. On the full semester course, you can also earn extra points for reflection papers written after having done these exercises.

Who can I negotiate the negotiation exercises with? 

For every individual exercise in the course you can freely pick who to work with. You can do the exercises with other course participants from your school or city, coordinate in our dedicated forums to work with peers from the online course (if you are in the full semester course), or even work with people from outside the course, like a colleague in college or a family member. Although someone who is doing the course would be a preferred exercise partner, we encourage you to even do the negotiation exercise with someone from outside the course rather than not do the exercise at all!

I am not a law student/lawyer, will your courses still benefit me?

Yes, it will. The skills taught in this course are universally applicable in any field. The added value for lawyers is that some courses have additional material that is even more tailored to the use of law students and lawyers.

Some negotiation cases are about arbitration, international investment law, finance etc. Do I need to know the laws?

No! Any of our courses can be done without having any legal knowledge. Some cases are rested in the environment of legal settings but the negotiation exercises are for you to practice the new negotiation skills and tools you have learned and require no legal background or knowledge.

Do I need to fulfill any prerequisites to take your courses? 

Generally, there are no prerequisites to taking any of our courses, other than an open mind and willingness to learn. Courses that have prerequisites will explicitly say so.

Why should I take the Master Negotiator Course? How will I benefit from it?

The Master Negotiator Course will give you the chance to learn everything you would learn in a full semester negotiation course at a top international university, including key negotiation tools, skills and strategies.

You will learn, practice and interact in a small peer group using video lectures, practical negotiation exercises, quizzes, debrief sessions, forum discussions and exclusive insight videos from leading practitioners of the field.


I think I selected the wrong option while taking the quiz. Can I go back and correct it before submitting it?

You can not go back within the quiz but you can always end and retake it.

My computer hanged in between a quiz and I have lost progress of my quiz. What do I do?

Check in your dashboard if your quiz results were recorded. If you haven’t finished all questions of the the quiz it probably has not been recorded (or certainly you don’t have all points). Simply redo the quiz, they are usually pretty short with 3-10 questions. In any case, you can redo quizzes as often as you would like to.

Can I download the videos for offline access?

No, the course or videos cannot be downloaded. You need an active internet connection to watch the videos and do the quizzes. You can, however, download the exercises and additional material.

Can I take courses on my phone/tablet?

Yes, all our courses are fully compatible with all your devices.

The course videos don't play in my browser.

Test with a different internet connection and check if you can play the video when logging in on your phone or via your phone’s internet (not WiFi). If you are on campus WiFi, check if your university has blocked Vimeo, in which case the videos will not play. If Vimeo is blocked you need to find a different internet connection, use a VPN or ask your network administrator to allow you the access to videos for the Negotiation Academy.

How much time committment does the Master Negotiator Course require?

We suggest that you spread this course over 3 months and do an average of 2 – 4 hours of work every week for best learning outcome. In these 2 hours, you can cover all core content (video lectures, quizzes, negotiation exercises). If you can spend 4 hours, you can also cover all bonus content, like expert insight videos, reflection papers and forum discussions. If you want to spread the course over longer, e.g. the full 6 months, you can take only 1-2 hours per week to do the same. If you want to finish quicker, e.g. in 1 month, you can do 6-12 hours a week. It is up to you how to spread the total of 24 – 48 hours over your semester.

Can I study the course modules in my own order?

Yes, you are free to go through the modules, videos and exercises as per your own preference. Keep in mind however, that many concepts build on each other as one progresses through the modules.

For how long will I have access to the course?

All our courses give you access to all the material for 12 months from the date of the course start date.

Can I study at my own pace and decide when to take quizzes?

Yes you can study at your own pace and take or retake any quizzes any time.

What if I don’t pass all quizzes within 12 months?

After the expiry of 12 months you will lose your access to the course and no longer be able to earn your certificate of completion.

How long do I have to earn my certificate?

You have 12 months to earn your certificate of completion by passing all quizzes with a minimum 45% pass mark.

Why do I not see the correct answers to the quiz questions I have answered? 

After each quiz you will only see the percentage of your correct answers, not what was right or wrong. Here is why: You can take any quiz as often as you like. I.e., after having passed a quiz with scores lower than your expectations, you may go back to the video and take the quiz again in order to improve your scores. Hence, revealing the correct answers would make the option of retaking the quiz redundant.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, for all our paid Negotiation Courses. Not for free courses and other skills.

What do I need to do to get a certificate of completion?

In order to receive a certificate of completion you need to pass all quizzes with a minimum 45% pass mark within 12 months from the starting day of the course. You can repeat all quizzes as many times as you like to improve your mark.

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