1st Master Negotiator Writing Competition

The submission deadline has now expired. See the results of the first Master Negotiator Writing Competition here.

The Negotiation Academy is proud to announce the first edition of the Master Negotiator Essay Writing Competition.

Our objective is to encourage students to think out of the box and grow as Consensual Dispute Resolution enthusiasts. The competition we envision is significantly different from other essay competitions as it aims to be fun and inspiring for both the writers and the readers. Before you get to the rules, here’s a few things you should know:

  • We are looking for inspiring entries that are fun to read, out of the box, unique and relatable.
  • Anything from a personal anecdote to a short fiction story would work if it provides a fresh pair of eyes to the reader.
  • We like you to be as creative, original and candid as possible.
  • There are some things that annoy us – eg spelling errors and bad formatting/presentation.
  • Plagiarism is a strict no-go.

What to write about?

Our theme is pretty broad, to leave you ultimate possible space for creativity:

Negotiation skills for lawyers

Some thoughts to get you inspired, but by no means exclusive:

What made you interested in negotiation? How do you think it can change the way we “lawyer”? How have you used it to become a better law student? What do you see our future look like? What is your negotiator superpower? How can it inspire other people? Or help them? Are we living in the past? Or is this the future? How should we define success as legal negotiators? Again, let your thoughts flow!

[If you are new to negotiation, head over to our free introductory course to negotiation to learn more about it!]

What can I win?

The top three entries will receive:

  1. The Master Negotiator Scholarship (a full waiver of tuition fee for the Master Negotiator course worth € 250)
  2. A publication opportunity with the Negotiation Academy Blog
  3. A certificate of appreciation from the Negotiation Academy

Additionally, we may choose to give special recognition awards up to a maximum number of 5 more entries in the following ways:

  • Scholarship of 75% tuition fee waiver for the Master Negotiator course
  • Publication opportunity with the Negotiation Academy’s blog (contingent on the editorial team’s approval)
  • Certificate of Appreciation from the Negotiation Academy

What are we looking for

Creativity – Overall concept, freshness of thought, ability to capture reader’s interest
Originality – originality of ideas, analytical ability, novelty of thought (plagiarism will lead to disqualification)
Language and presentation – form of expression, coherence of ideas and overall flow from one  paragraph to another, structure and presentation


Registration : free

Eligibility: Participant must be enrolled in an undergraduate or post graduate program of law at any institute around the world.

Format: 1000-1500 words; 12 pt font, justified; .doc or .docx format, named after your first and last name

Submission: the word document must be uploaded by filling in our form here

Deadline: 20 March 2018, midnight CET
Will we grant extensions for special requests? No. We’re Austrian. And it’s time to grow up 😉

Questions: For any questions please get in touch with bhumika@necademy.com



  1. Each participant can only submit one entry which shall not be eligible for re-submission in subsequent editions.
  2. Co-authorship is allowed up to a maximum of 2.
  3. By submitting an essay, the participant(s) shall be deemed to have agreed to the rules and terms mentioned herein.
  4. The Organizers hold the absolute right to disqualify an entry, alter as well as interpret the rules and administer, revoke, cancel, postpone or suspend the competition.
  5. The results will be announced by email to all participants and on the social media of the Negotiation Academy.
  6. The organizers hold full discretion over whether an essay gets published or not.


  1. The participant(s) shall be solely responsible for any infringement of copyright or any liability arising otherwise. The organizers shall not be responsible for any liability arising out of the submitted work whether published or not.


  1. The work should not have been published/submitted for publication elsewhere at the time of submission for this competition.


  1. The copyright shall belong to the participants. However, an express permission must be sought from the Negotiation Academy, if a participant wishes to submit her/his work elsewhere anytime within one year from the date of submission.
  2. By submitting an entry, the participant(s) shall be deemed to have granted to Negotiation Academy an unlimited and non-exclusive right to
    – Reproduce the essay in full or part without prior permission of the author(s).
    – Edit/ format/ modify the content without changing the essence before publication


  1. While participants are discouraged from using too many references and footnotes, references and other sources must be duly acknowledged at the end of every essay, which shall be excluded from the word limit.