The Negotiation Challenge – Negotiate your Course for Free!

Congratulations to the winner of The Master Negotiator Challenge Kushagra Tiwari from HNLU! His convincing and witty argument received 1,812 (56%) of all votes:

“I am a negotiation Spiderman, a natural who wants to become a master but is broke, and needs a resourceful and skilled mentor, so NA will you be my Ironman?”

Welcome to our new Master Negotiator, Kushagra!

On 17 April, Negotiation Academy is launching its 2nd batch of the Master Negotiator Course. 150+ students from around the world have already enrolled in this course.

As a special gift, and because we love negotiators, here a challenge to secure your course seat for absolutely free (worth € 250 / INR 19,000)!

It’s pretty simple:

Tell us, in just one sentence, why you deserve to be on the next Master Negotiator Course.

That’s it, off you go – leave your best argument to have you in the course in the comments section below until midnight CET, 11 April. The best one will be selected by public vote on social media after 12 April.

Terms & Conditions

  • Post your argument in the comment section of this blog (to be able to post you need a free account; only one post per account)
  • You must post your argument before midnight CET, 11 April 2018
  • You argument can only be one sentence. Everything that’s more will be disqualified at the discretion of the Academy
  • The best 10 arguments (selected by the Academy) will be put up for public vote, for a minimum of 48 hours, starting on 12 April
  • The winner will be announced by email and on social media on 14 April
  • The winning person will win a free enrollment in the 17 April 2018 course batch for their account (or get a full refund if they have already registered in this batch; refunds for prior batches or rollover to other accounts are not possible)
  • The price cannot be given in cash or redeemed for future courses
  • And no, you will not get a certificate of participation for entering in this challenge (don’t laugh, some people will ask this.. :D)
  • for any questions, please email
  1. Because I never NEGlect such OpporTunIties to enhAnce my knowledge on The most ImpOrtaNt skill for a lawyer, which is?

  2. I deserve to be on the next Master Negotiator Course because I have just completed my graduation program [B.Com, LL.B. (Hons.)] in the current year and before commencing my litigation career I intend to be well versed with the intricacies of negotiation which shall help me to settle disputes at a very nascent stage to avoid unnecessary litigation, to avoid unnecessary expenditure in terms of money and time of the litigants and most importantly to help the courts in expeditious disposal of cases, being the officer of the court.

  3. Because I strongly trust in better world without war and complition of this course will help me to experience what I desire.

  4. Because of my position as adjunct professor of law, my reputation as a negotiation specialist and my connections and sphere of influence, experiencing the course first hand will allow me to promote it and generate a handsome ROI for NA!

  5. I deserve to be on the Master Negotiation Course because:-
    There is nothing more fun to be hired as a 3rd party to solve a feud between two people and also make money out of it.

  6. Because my claim of being the best needs to be tested by the best !

  7. Because unlike others, I do have a solution to the problem I admire.

  8. Because, I hope to negotiate my way to the academy without paying!

  9. Because the person you select will also represent you. I am willing to give my best here!

  10. For me “Sharing is Caring”. Therefore may the best applicant deserves because, without negotiation skills, ADR not possible and for the same, the applicant needs to completed Master Negotiator Course from The Negotiation Academy.

  11. I am a final year Law student and Every future lawyer deserves to be an expert in negotiation to reduce the pendency of cases in Indian courts then why shouldn’t I ?

  12. Because I want to build my own expertise and to achieve it, I would have to amplify my knowledge and percpective.

  13. I need the Master Negotiator Course because I’m not a good enough negotiator yet, to negotiate with my parents to give me €250 to buy it!

  14. An understanding of Mind mixed with persuasion is a trait of mine.

  15. I need the master negotiator course because you are clearly qualified to give it, obviously, and I am clearly qualified to take it, which you’ll know after selecting me of course.

  16. Ananthi
    I deserve to be on the next Master Negotiator Course because I am a lawyer who don’t have craze for money but crave for title “the best mediator” in my profession by making negotiations a win-win outcome thereby creating options for mutual benefits.

  17. Negotiation can be complex and chaotic but the next master negotiation course will definitely help me to understand and embrace that chaos instead of fearing it.


  18. I deserve to be in the next Master Negotiation Course because I intend to negotiate the duration of processing my dream, i.e. ‘to be the topmost proficient negotiator’, towards a reality.

  19. I deserve to be in the next Master Negotiation Course because as a social worker I intend to secure maximum value for the society through a mastery of negotiation techniques.

  20. I deserve to be in the next Master Negotiation Course as in 5 years I see myself sitting and negotiating next to Claudia.

  21. Negotiation is a necessary skill and a necessity should not be with held by terms of money!

  22. Because I am a curious blank slate who belives a better me can chalk a better world, free from the restricted chalkboard borders of altercations and more open to colourful negotiations.

  23. Negotiation & Law Practice are both sides of a single coin. Being a lawyer I already possess negotiation skills but for efficient practice I need this course.

  24. I would build upon our established relationship and seek to expand awareness of your course to developing countries, which is your stated main mission; currently in Taiwan, I see this as fertile ground for negotiation education, especially amidst its political history and potential futures – empowering the world: one person, one counterpart, one nation at a time – this is how I may contribute to the course.

  25. Because negotiation not only teaches how to convert a situation into win-win but also to trust our instincts, ability to stay calm, and most importantly to be patient and listen to the other side which are all needed to be a good lawyer.

  26. I deserve to be in the next Negotiation Master Course because this course will definitely help me develop my negotiation skills and inculcate it in my daily work.

  27. Because not only will I benefit from this course but also you’ll benefit by providing me with the same, for I to better convince prospective students with help of the skills learnt from it and also for them to trust credibility on basis of I having pursued it.

  28. I can control the agenda, maximise my leverage, by becoming voiceless when the other side speaks and then strategically put an effective fair solution.

  29. I deserve to be in the next workshop because when I equip myself with negotiation skills from this course and become successful I will attribute my success to this course which creates a win-win situation for both of us.

  30. Master Negotiator Course is the golden key to unlock great skills of negotiation solutions
    and impart the spirit of settlement.

  31. Negotiation is not about victory,loss or money but to sustain the relationship by balancing equitable interests among parties.

  32. for me negotiation skill is like a counter
    attack or strategy in the battle feild called earth with warriors known as lawyers so to fight these warriors i need to get this skill and to become a great lawyer among many and help people with this skill

  33. I should be enrolled in The Negotiation Academy because I was positioned in the Top 6 Essays in the Master Negotiator Competition organized by The Negotiation Academy, and I’d definitely do my parents proud if I don’t have to ask for money from them to pursue a course I feel so strongly about. I wouldn’t say I am a born negotiator but through The Negotiation Academy I can proudly say I am a learned negotiator.

  34. To benefit, learn and acquaint myself with the skill of negotiation so that within 3-4 years I too can give a webinar on ‘The Negotiation Academy’.

  35. Because I want showcase my negotiation skill to avail negotiate course for free

  36. I seek first to understand, then to be understood.

  37. I need this course to learn how to negotiate the Indo-Pak peace agreement, because we seem to have tried everything else.

  38. “Despite how open, peaceful, and loving you attempt to be, people can only meet you, as deeply as they’ve met themselves.” – Matt Kahn

  39. I need someone to credit my future CDRC win to; wouldn’t you rather it be you?

  40. I am a negotiation Spiderman, a natural who wants to become a master but is broke, and need a resourceful and skilled mentor, so NA will you be my Ironman?

  41. I am a law student and I’ve realized that law isn’t what it used to be, I have also realised that a good understanding of negotiation skills at this time is very key, and will go a long way in making me become the ADR expert I want to become in future.

  42. Recently I won a Negotiation Competition and now I want to maintain this performance by negotiating a free course with you.

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