Job Post: Assistant at Negotiation Academy, Vienna, 6 months

(Due to the high number of qualified applications, applications are currently closed for review)

Are you smart, hard working, passionate about Negotiation skills and looking for an opportunity to work in a Negotiation start up environment in Vienna?

This might be for you! Negotiation Academy is looking for an Assistant.

Who we are

The Negotiation Academy (TM)  is an online and offline negotiation training venture established by Dr. Claudia Winkler. With our courses we help lawyers in major firms become more effective negotiators and law students around the world gain access to high quality online negotiation skill training to boost their career and negotiation potential. We have trained 1000s of lawyers and students in all parts of the world, including live training in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and the US.

What makes this a great opportunity

  • Learn about Negotiation and Mediation skills and training
  • Work directly with Claudia Winkler in the day to day business of negotiation training
  • Connect with and meet high profile people from the industry
  • Gain hands on experience in fields like teaching, writing, marketing, product development, corporate communication, event organization and more
  • Build a network with like minded people

What makes you a great candidate


  • Excellent written and spoken English is a must, no way around that
  • Attention to detail (we only deliver 100%)
  • Editing experience (blogs/articles/papers)
  • Self initiative (be able to work autonomously and independently)
  • Strong admin skills (on time, fast with email, never missing a task or deadline, diligent follow up, etc)
  • Obviously an interest in negotiation skills and ADR =)


  • Tech-savvy (at least handling a camera, wordpress, PPT, simple video editing; or willingness to teach yourself)

What your role will include

  • Develop supporting material for negotiation and mediation courses
  • Communicate with law schools, law firms and students
  • Coordinate our social media pages and newsletter
  • Assist our Master Negotiator Course as a teaching assistant
  • Draft and edit blogs and articles
  • Develop marketing material and strategies
  • Plan and assist live events, prepare courses, run interviews etc.

Terms and Eligibility

  • For scholarship reasons, applicants must be European citizens or residents of a European country for at least the last 183 days
  • Applications can not currently live in Austria
  • The duration of this opportunity is 6 months. Start date as soon as possible with respect to coordination with the candidate
  • Your work location will be Vienna, Austria but our work and travel will vary depending on our training commitments
  • Work hours are flexible but generally not beyond 9-5, sometimes in our office, sometimes from your home or your favorite cafe
  • The scholarship amount is € 900 per month
  • You will have to take care of your own accommodation in Vienna

How to apply

Stage 1: Please fill in your details in this form.

Stage 2: Successful candidates of the written stage will receive further tasks and instructions by email (if you don’t hear back within 2 weeks, your application was not successful; sorry about that, but while we haven’t found you, we have no one to handle the floods ;).

Stage 3: Successful candidates of the tasks received will be invited for an oral interview by Skype.

Stage 4: The selected candidate will have an unpaid 2 week long distance trial period where we do some tasks together before we initiate steps to bring you to Austria on a scholarship.

Timeline: We take applications on a rolling basis until we find a dream match for both of us; first come first selected.

For any questions please contact