40-hour Live International Dispute Professional Academy

11-16 July

Vienna, Austria

Please note: this is NOT an online course but the payment process for THIS 5-day live event in Vienna from 11-16 July 2019.

Important payment information:

  • Participants applying from Lower Middle Income and Least Developed Countries (for the list click here) please use coupon code “LMILDC” at the checkout to obtain the discounted price of Euro 570 (until 30 April), Euro 750 (until 31 May) or Eur 880 (until 30 June). If you have a coupon code from a campus ambassador that code replaces the above code!
  • Payment is only possible with an internationally accepted credit card.
  • If you cannot pay per credit card, please use the international bank transfer option described on the registration page.
  • By submitting your payment you accept the terms and conditions of Negotiation Academy.
  • Please also familiarize yourself with the cancellation and refund policy under Section VIII. of the General Terms of Negotiation Academy.

For any questions, please email idpa@necademy.com

International Dispute Professional Academy - Vienna
Start: 11 July 2019
Duration: 5 days / 40-hour Certification
Id: 4249